Awareness raising and education is vital to prevent child sexual abuse.

The PATCH Prevention and Awareness programmes are used to raise awareness and educate the children, youth and parents in the communities in Helderberg with the highest prevalence of child sexual abuse..

Children Prevention and Awareness programmes aim to teach children and youth about the dangers of child sexual abuse, information about my body, the right to say no. Children are taught about good and bad touch, good and bad secrets and what to do if sexual abuse occurs. Children are told about the process following disclosure, who they can tell and where to go for help.

Depending on the age of the children the programme will be adapted to include age appropriate information with regards to specific problems children of that age might encounter.

Parents are empowered with parenting skills and the effects of sexual abuse on a child and different ways of dealing with the resulting trauma. Parents are encouraged to report abuse and support their children through the lengthy process following an incident of sexual abuse.

On average the prevention workers reach about 7000 or more children per year in the Helderberg area of Cape Town.

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We need to connect with our children. As we cannot visit our child clients, we need to connect with them regularly via WhatsApp or Zoom. Most of them do not have data & we cannot wait out the lock down period without being there for our clients. If you are able to contribute a small amount towards data for our clients, please do so either via snapscan or eft. A small contribution will allow us to continue our services during this challenging time and ensure many, many children do not feel alone or vulnerable, they need us the most right now. 💜💗 Your support will be more than appreciated.🙂

PATCH-Helderberg Child Abuse Centre, FNB, 53681073433, branch code 200512
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Thank you to the NLC (National Lotteries Commission) for providing us with the funding needed to expand our second hand charity shop. We even have a changing room 😄😃😀 We are now also able to sell larger items such as furniture, so do not hesitate to contact us should you have a donation you would like for us to collect. You are also welcome to join our Le PATCH Whatsapp Group, simply send a msg to 071 275 0371 to be added. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi All – we at PATCH have a great TO DO ACTIVITY during lockdown –
BLITZ THOSE CLOTHING CUPBOARDS – you have long been saying I have to do a
Cupboard tidy AND NOW YOU HAVE THE TIME ! PATCH needs your previously loved clothing, shoes and other no longer needed items- WE WILL EVEN collect them

Contact :
Amanda Ewen
Fund Raiser Consultant
076 413 1061 or call
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