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PATCH provides a holistic set of services to the survivors of child sexual abuse. The response include assessment, therapeutic interventions, court preparation, and a 24-hour crisis line. All services are provided by a skilled team of registered Social Workers and Social Auxiliary workers.


All children referred to PATCH for suspected child sexual abuse is assessed. The first step for is a socio-emotional assessment. If within 72-hours of an incident, a medico-legal assessment is carried out. 

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Socio-emotional Assessment

The socio-emotional assessment of the child involves a holistic screening of all the areas of functioning and systems that the child is involved in.

The socio-emotional assessment of the child is used to:

  • Determine the child’s level of cognitive functioning;
  • Act as a competency assessment of the child;
  • Provide a solid basis of knowledge about the child and his world;
  • Screen for other possible causes of the child’s behavior

Support during medico-legal examination

The PATCH crisis worker accompanies the child to the hospital. They offer emotional support during the medico-legal examination, while the doctor collects forensic evidence that may be used for the court case.

Crisis workers provide the child with a comfort toy (teddy bear) to help put them at ease. After the examination, the child may take a bath and get a clean set of clothes, underwear and toiletries included in a comfort pack.

Therapeutic Services

A range of professional therapeutic services for child survivors are offered by qualified social workers and psychological counsellors based at our centres throughout the Helderberg basin.

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Types of Therapies

Therapy is provided on an individual or group basis that is specific to the needs of the child survivor. The professional staff at PATCH make use of a wide range of therapies, including  narrative therapy, play therapy, and cognitive-behavioural therapy. They work according to the individual child’s needs from working on feelings of guilt and shame and/or court preparation should the child’s case go to court.

Time to Heal

The therapeutic services provided ensures that the child’s sense of control over his/her life as well as their self esteem is restored. This professional intervention provides a safe place for the child survivor to deal with the trauma of having been raped or sexually abused.

We understand that the time needed in the healing process is unique to each child. PATCH does not limit the number of therapeutic sessions, with some child survivors receiving our interventions for 12 months or longer.

Court Preparation

Appearing in a criminal court is a very frightening experience for an adult, even more so for a young child. But, without their vital evidence the perpetrators will not face prosecution.

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Primary Objectives

Unprepared, counsel for defence may easily undermine and confuse the child or parent in such a way that he or she is not believed and the abuser gets away with the crime.


Prepare victims of child sexual abuse for their court case


Prepare victims of child sexual abuse for their court case

Types of Sessions

Court preparation sessions are offered in the following ways: Individual sessions for witnesses, group sessions for witnesses and sessions for parents. We also facilitate for the child and parent to visit the court before the court case and get familiar with the court environment.

Children are assigned a trained court mediator to assist during questioning, and support is provided to the child and their family on the day of their case.

24 Hour Crisis Service

We render a 24 hour crisis service to child survivors of sexual abuse.
Dedicated voluntary crisis workers offer emotional support after a child has disclosed their case of abuse.
Crisis workers are on call every evening, during weekends and on public holidays.

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We need to connect with our children. As we cannot visit our child clients, we need to connect with them regularly via WhatsApp or Zoom. Most of them do not have data & we cannot wait out the lock down period without being there for our clients. If you are able to contribute a small amount towards data for our clients, please do so either via snapscan or eft. A small contribution will allow us to continue our services during this challenging time and ensure many, many children do not feel alone or vulnerable, they need us the most right now. 💜💗 Your support will be more than appreciated.🙂

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Hi All – we at PATCH have a great TO DO ACTIVITY during lockdown –
BLITZ THOSE CLOTHING CUPBOARDS – you have long been saying I have to do a
Cupboard tidy AND NOW YOU HAVE THE TIME ! PATCH needs your previously loved clothing, shoes and other no longer needed items- WE WILL EVEN collect them

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