You are not alone.

Please call our 24 Hour Helpline 021 852 6110

One of our experienced crisis workers is waiting to assist. 

Do you suspect that a child has been a victim of sexual violence?

Did the incident occur within 72 hours?

If so…

  • Do not wash or bath the child
  • Report to a PATCH crisis centre or your closest health facility where an assessment and forensic examination can be carried out
  • Report the incident to your closest police station

If not…

  • Report to a PATCH crisis centre for therapeutic support;
  • Report the incident to your closest police station

Recognising the signs of sexual abuse in children

The signs of sexual abuse in children can be physical and/or emotional.

Physical Signs

may include

  • bruising
  • bleeding
  • redness and bumps, or scabs around the mouth
  • genital or anus.
  • urinary tract infections,
  • sexually transmitted diseases, and
  • abnormal vaginal or penile discharge are also warning signs.

Emotional Signs

may include:

  • sleep disturbances
  • including nightmares
  • unusual fear of certain
  • unusual fear of certain people or places;
  • reluctance to be alone with a certain person
  • changes in mood and/or attitude;
  • lack of interest in friends, sports, or other activities
  • poor self-esteem; avoidance of relationships
  • self-mutilation or change in body perception, like thinking of self or body as dirty or bad
  • suicidal thoughts
  • regression to previously outgrown behaviors, for example bedwetting or thumb sucking
  • too “perfect” behavior or overly compliant behavior

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Some of you may know about one of our child clients who endured unfathomable sexual abuse over a number of years. As part of her recovery, we enrolled her into a fantastic school last year, all due to the generous support of individuals. She is thriving beautifully, more than we could ever have expected. We would LOVE to keep her in school and ask once again for your support. The fees are R5000 per month. The school pays for her stationery, outings and all additional items or materials she may need. This has been life changing and we ask that you please assist her, she has no other support but she possesses the potential to be something and someone incredibly great! Contact Amanda via email for more info, or simply contribute by scanning our SnapScan code below. ... See MoreSee Less

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PATCH Child Abuse Centre

🖤 “You see aggression, defiance, withdrawal, impulsiveness, emotional swings, and hyperactivity.”

💔 “What you see is what I have left to cope. It’s my best effort to survive and it’s my call for help.”

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